Study on Knowledge Management and
Information Acquisition of Engineers

( Electrical and telecommunication engineers in large organizations )

The study-related survey is scheduled to take place from  

15.12.2000 (to 31.01.2001) in response to popular demand to 15.02.2001
 The study-related data collection is finished !

The questionnaire is addressed to electrical and telecommunication engineers who are working in a company with more than 1000 employees.

The study is performed as part of a diploma thesis at the
FH (University of Applied Sciences) in Cologne (GERMANY).

 Student: Alexander Jung
 Examiner: Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmieder
 Second examiner: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Dederichs

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Target of the study is:
- to find out how engineers acquire relevant information
- to study the demand for a non-company-bound worldwide information pool
- to compare methods of information acquisition in Germany and abroad
The significance of the production factor "Knowledge" is undoubtedly increasing, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering and telecommunications. In these fast-moving fields, the knowledge management level of the engineers in a company is decisive for the company's success.
This study serves to find out whether the engineers are acquainted with the knowledge management concepts devised in their company and use them as an accepted tool.
Which measures do actually make the work easier, save costs, avoid double work, etc?
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The questionnaire:
The questionnaire comprises 43 questions.
Some of the questions can be answered by simple ticking off whereas others should be answered in full in the dedicated blank field.
The questionnaire is subdivided in 4 parts:
- Questions concerning the person and the organization
The data serve for statistical purposes and will neither be published nor passed on to any third parties.
- Questions concerning the methods used by engineers to acquire information
Here you should answer questions concerning the methods you use to obtain information required to do your work and what tools you employ to this effect internally and externally.
- Non-company-bound worldwide information pool (retrievable information database)
This part serves to find out whether there is a demand for a non-company-bound worldwide information pool to facilitate the information exchange. What requirements must be met?
- Acquisition of information abroad
What is your experience with the information flow abroad? Do they have more successful concepts?

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